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Fan Powered Filters

Low sound level at desired air flow
Optional Energy Efficient Low Watt Motor

The Abtech Fan/Filter Module is designed to fit a standard 2' x 4' ceiling opening.

At 90 FPM, the typical noise level is 50 dba.

Supply air passes through a 20" x 20" x 1" pleated type pre-filter rated at 30% ASHRAE efficiency.

The blower is a direct drive, forward curve blower. The standard motor is a 1/3 hp, 115V, 60 hz, single phase, permanent split capacitor with thermal overload protection. Other voltages are available.

Each module is equipped with a solid state variable speed control with RFI suppression and a fused on/off switch installed in a 2" x 4" junction box mounted to the prefilter frame. The module is then ready for the “end-user” to provide electrical hook-up.

A one piece plenum is fabricated from 20 gauge steel with a white powdercoated finish. Four (4) seismic clips are provided at all top corners.

Final filtration is a standard HEPA filter, 99.99% efficiency @ .3 micron or larger. A white epoxy grille with a diamond pattern protects the filter. HEPA filters are scan tested at the factory, leak thresholds according to IES-RP-CC001.3.

Housing: White powdercoated, fabricated from 20 gauge steel, joined and positively sealed with a gasket to HEPA filter.

Filter: Size 23 5/8" x 47 5/8" x 3" with exposed anodized aluminum frame, is rated at a .54 efficiency standard of 99.99% at .3 micron. The filter is designed for 90 FPM average face velocity @ 0.47 w.g.

Grille: Painted white epoxy with a diamond pattern.

Overall size: 23 5/8" x 47 5/8" x 12 5/8"

Weight: 73 Lbs.

Order Information:

Complete Module:

# FH2448A 115V, 60 hz, 4.1 Amp
# FH2448B 115V, 60 hz, .92 Amp
# FH2448C 208-230V, 60 hz, 2.1 Amp (208V), 2.0 Amp (230V)
# FH2448D 277V, 60 hz, 1.7 Amp

Replacement Filters:

# RH2448 Replacement HEPA Filter @ 99.99% efficiency
# RU2448 Replacement ULPA Filter @ 99.9995% efficiency
#RP2020 Prefilter

Replacement Parts:

# RF1100 110V Fuse, 6 1/4 Amp
# RS110 110V Fuse Protection w/switch
# RS208 208/230V Switch, 2-pole
# RS277 277V Switch, 1-pole

Fan Powerded Filter Product Data Sheet

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