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Teardrop Light Fixtures

The Abtech Teardrop light fixture is designed for use in vertical, laminar air flow Cleanrooms. The narrow, airfoil design minimizes turbulence in Cleanrooms that require unidirectional air flow. Enclosed and gasketed housing allows mounting directly to 2" Tee-Grid systems. The lens is a one piece, clear extruded prismatic acrylic lens that maintains a smooth, environmentally viable side with an internal horizontal prism pattern, while the end lens gasketing seals the lens to the end cap to prevent entrapment of biohazardous contaminants which could grow inside the fixture. These luminaires are U.L. listed and C.S.A. certified for wet locations and are manufactured in accordance with U.S.D.A., F.D.A., and N.S.F. All fixtures have been tested and reported in compliance with Federal Standard 209D.

The housing is die-formed, 20 ga. steel housing with welded seams and end caps. Finish is standard white 92% reflectance polyester powdercoat.

Applications for the teardrop light fixture include use in Cleanrooms, technical and biomedical labs, food processing/testing centers, hospitals and pharmaceutical labs.

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  • T-8 ballast available in either 120 or 277 Volt
  • Mounts directly to 2" T-Bar.
  • Labellings are U.L. listed, C.S.A. certified, standard wet label.

Four recessed, 7/8" diameter knockouts, one on each end cap and one on each end of the mounting surface, allow connection of vapor tight conduit fitting for either continuous row mounting or top access.

4' Teardrop
1 lamp
4' Teardrop
1 lamp

Further Ordering Information

EB=Electronic Ballast
MB=Magnetic Ballast
EBH=<10% THD Electronic Ballast

CL=Clear Lens, Prismatic
OL=Opal Lens
UV=Ultra Violet Yellow Lens

EM=Emergency Lighting
AHP=Aluminum Housing Painted
DB=Dimming Ballast
CW=Cold Weather Ballast
SHP=Stainless Steel Housing painted
RF=Radio Frequency Interference Filter

Example: AL801-EB-CL-EM-AH

Shipping Weight 12 Lbs. Flourescent lamp tubes not included.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.


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